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5 Stress Management Tips for Property Managers & Cleaners

It is the last day of International Stress Awareness Week, a week to raise awareness about stress prevention. For some of us there was no break during the pandemic. No working from home. In fact, the workload may have increased, like we experienced here at London Cleaning Co. Sometimes it felt amazing. Sometimes not so much. Especially when the workforce may have thinned out, yet the workload built up. Never before has cleaning and infection control been such a hot topic. With a deadly virus spreading, mistakes can not be made. After a year and a half of challenging work, meticulousness and few moments of rest, our industry may be feeling a little burnt out and frustrated. It is not much, not the holiday in Grand Canaria that we all deserve but here are five things you can do to manage or prevent stress at this time. Relax your shoulders, unclench you jaw, grab a cup of tea, and relax as you read our tips.

  1. Use guided meditation

It may at first feel a little silly, but it is a wonderful way to refocus your mind after work or during a break. We often indulge in social media and highly stimulating media during these times, after our minds have been working at full capacity all day. Give your brain that much needed chance to switch off for a moment and centre the most important person in the world, yourself.

2. Breathe... Deeply

Have you caught your breath lately? You should do that. Controlling your breathing is said to improve your nervous system, which helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

3. Exercise & Eat Well

A well looked after body can do wonders. Take some time to strengthen those muscles, get your heart working, hydrate yourself and give your body the energy it needs through food.

4. Put your phone down

Like we mentioned before much of your downtime may be spent on the various stimulating social media sites we have. Connecting is great for the soul and being aware is essential. But information overload can lead to foggy minds, lack of sleep and wasted hours of immobility. Take some time away from social media to do some life admin, meet and talk with loved ones or get lost in a paperback book.

5. Connect with supportive people

Speaking to people that 'get it' and are in a similar industry to you about some of the stresses you face can be extremely beneficial, as it reminds you, you are not alone. It is mutually beneficial because someone else also needs encouragement and somebody to share their burdens.

We really hope these tips help! If you have any you would like to share, leave a comment. Let us help each other get through the tough times

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