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Let's Talk: Grafitti Removal

Grafitti can be an amazing art form, an expression of youth and creativity. Inner city folk are very used to seeing it, but when it doesn't match the vision of building or business that has worked hard to maintain a different expression of who they are and what they represent, it can give off an impression that isn't intended. As professional grafitti removers, London Cleaning Co understands the need for a properties aesthetic to be maintained with the removal of unwanted art work.

How can London Cleaning Co help you with your grafitti problem?

We can work with Councils, Property Management Companies, and various other business to remove graffiti using our nontoxic hot steam system. We also have access to bowser trailers for larger areas like carparks etc.

We offer businesses high quality graffiti removal services tailored to your properties needs. You can expect deep and professional cleaning from our experienced specialist team, including the use of state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning consumables.

We provide the full-service professional office cleaning that London needs. Our professional cleaners have a wealth of experience cleaning everything from car parks and outdoor seaing areas to walls and shutters.

In addition to this, we have several outdoor deep cleaning services that can be periodically incorporated into your cleaning plan, such as:

  • Pressure Washing

  • Fogging/Sanitisation

  • Odour Removal

  • Waste Removal

If you are looking for reliable full-service office cleaners in London, we are the company you can trust to all your cleaning needs. Contact us today for a free consultation schedule a site visit to determine the best cleaning plan for your business. Call us on 02081232055

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