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Top 3 Christmas Gift Ideas: Cleaning Edition

Confession, we are just as excited for Christmas as everyone else! with just 5 weeks to the big day and Black Friday sales around the corner we sat and thought about what the best cleaning gifts could be. The are our top 3, inexpensive gifts for a cleaning enthusiast, or just someone who needs it. All purchasable via Amazon for your convenience (not sponsored):

  1. Dust Mop Slippers

They might seem like a silly idea at first, but they are the perfect cleaning gadget for the lazy cleaners! Slip them over your shoes and clean the floors without having to bend over and get on your hands and knees. It is honestly genius. This particular gift comes with 3 pairs in pink, purple and green. They absorb water and will not damage your surfaces. If you know someone that prefers to clean smarter than harder this £7.99 gift would be a hit with them!

2. Handheld Car Vacuum

This one is for the drivers amongst us! If you have ever rode passenger with a friend or loved one and left crumbs in the car, here is a great gift idea to show them how much you appreciate them. This lightweight, portable vacuum cleaner is sure to make their day and is surprisingly inexpensive! Just £24.99!

3. Kids Cleaning Trolley

Finally, we have something for the kids! Most likely, when you tell them to clean up it is met with moans, groans, and slow movements. This set is sure to get them loving tidying up after themselves from age 3 onwards. It is cute, and comes with a trolley to store the broom, mop, dustpan, and brush & the spray bottle comfortably, making it great for small play spaces. I think ink does not work, they have a red Henry version too and the set is just £11.99!

These are just a few of our top pick for Cleaning Gifts, but what other online stores do you suggest we scour for gift ideas Comment below

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