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5 facts (you probably didn't know) about our Pressure Washer Bowsers

It's been our star of the month for about 5 months, our most used piece of machinery and you've probably seen it on our Instagram every week for a long time now, but do you really know what this smart technology is and how it can help you with your property management woes? Keep reading, because I'm about to tell you 5 cold facts about this piece of equipment that will have you on the end of our phoneline in 2 minutes time.

Ready? Let's go!

  1. When we turn the pressure up, we can remove grime, dirt, and ancient stains. Our bowsers spray water under high pressure to remove unwanted elements from buildings, masonry, fences, and concrete surfaces. We are more than happy to prove the power of this machine on your surfaces, put us to the test!

  2. For removal of tough oil stains, grease build up etc, we use hot water commercial cleaning situations. while cold water is reserved for standard pressure washing situations.

  3. We have a fleet of two 750L pressure washer trailer bowsers; one cold water pressure washer and one hot and cold pressure washer. So, if it’s a large-scale job that needs completing, we can trail both to your location and give your property the full pressure washing shine it deserves.

  4. Our Pressure Washer Bowsers are powered by petrol and diesel which means we do not need a water source (depending on the area size) or power source when we arrive at your property. We can get straight to work!

  5. Being able to power and storage water in these machines means we can pressure wash areas which are normally inaccessible like carparks and court yards easily.

I think we have made a fair argument here if I do say so myself. If you agree, head over to to book or you can call us on, 02081232055 or email We look forward to hearing from you!

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