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5 signs you’ve hired a good cleaning company

Here at London Cleaning Co, we reject the idea that ‘if it looks clean, it is clean’. It is simply not true and in this economy property managers cannot waste funds on subpar cleaning. The floors may look shiny but are they clean?

Here are our top 5 signs that your working with a good cleaning company!

1. You receive a report post-clean

Why wouldn’t a cleaning company want to boast about the work they have just completed for you. Post cleaning reports let you know what has been cleaned and they are even better when pictures of the completed job are sent as well. This kind of transparency shows that the cleaning company is trustworthy and accountable for the work they do.

2. You receive tailored quotes for your jobs

A one-size fits all cleaning service may be quicker to book but could be draining your funds if the size of your property and scope of the cleaning needed means you are being overcharged. With tailored quotes you can save money

3. You can book emergency same day jobs

Being stuck in a cleaning contract that requires 24 hours before you get a response can be detrimental for a property manager in need of emergency cleaning. Maybe you’ve arrived to the property at 9am to prepare for an event at 12pm and noticed new graffiti by the entrance. In that instance you need a company that is ready to get the job done quickly and effectively. A good cleaning company will handle your enquiry with urgency and get to work immediately.

4. You can receive free quotes and demos without commitment

A good cleaning company would make the customer journey as simple and streamlined as possible. If your cleaning company is happy to provide free quotes it’s a good sign that your time and investment is being respected. Also, if they offer free demonstrations of their services, they are willing to go above and beyond to maintain a good working relationship with you.

5. They self audit their work

If a cleaning company goes as far as setting their own KPI’s, such as tests to determine the quality of the cleaning they do, your property is in good and meticulous hands. Companies that complete slip and gloss tests after cleaning a floor to check it’s not too slippery to walk on safely whilst maintaining a good amount of shine are well worth keeping on your books.

We tick all of these boxes and more! If your current service doesn’t offer you this bare minimum, reach out to us today! Call us on 02081232055 or email us on

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