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5 Summer Time Home Cleaning Must Do's

London, we have been blessed with some glorious weather so far this summer, just in time for the easing of covid restrictions. Since we can have company round for parties, BBQs, and brunch it is important that are homes are clean and safe from spreading any nasty viruses. Here are 5 must do’s when it comes to summertime cleaning!

1. Wash your bins regularly!

When its hot, odours tend to linger for much longer than they would in cooler weather. From the food bin in your kitchen, to the waste bin your bathrooms and the wheelie bin outside, the smell can intensify and make for unpleasant surroundings. The smell can also attract unwanted pests. You may have tried changing your bin liners daily, but still smell a foul stench on the air, and trust me, your guests smell it too. Make sure you wash your bins often! Juices and breakaway bits of food can seep through your liners to the bottom, causing that strange smell. Add a little baking soda to your cleaning solution for a deep clean.

2. Dust down your surfaces

Hay fever sufferers already deal with rising pollen levels in the Summer, so think of your allergy ridden friends before inviting them over. Dust down all surfaces and décor before having guests round to make breathing that little bit easier. At least when they sneeze, you know it is not because your home is dusty.

3. Clean your grills whilst warm.

If you are a once-a-year griller, this one is for you. There is nothing worse than planning a BBQ, dusting off your grill to find it is filthy from its last use and difficult to clean now. After grilling, clean the machine whilst it is still warm, but not hot enough to burn you. This is the best time to clean it, as the heat helps any food, charcoal & pieces of char slide right off.

4. Clean your windows.

Sitting by your window just watching the beautiful weather is such a relaxing past time. However, when it is sunny, we see water spots, streaks, and splashes on the windows clearer than ever. So, remember to wash your windows. A sparkling clean window on a summer’s day is an unmatched cleaning goal.

5. Wash your carpets.

Summertime is usually the time of year we regret fixing carpets in our houses, who needs an even hotter home? Not only this, the smells from trapped wine spills, juice spills, tomato sauce or anything else hidden in the fabrics start to fester. This is the time of year to get those carpets washed!

If you have a property in need of any of these services, London Cleaning Co can take the load off your hands. Get in touch with us to get Summer ready.

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