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6 Steps: How to clear your gutters and avoid flooding your property

You may recall us touching on the subject of the increased instances of flooding in London and also mentioning how blocked gutters can cause property flooding in our Fall Prep blog. So, we are back to tell you how you, if you feel up to the task (you can always call us to professionally clean gutters on (02081232055), can clear your gutters in six simple steps.

Step 1 - Make sure you have the necessary tools to conduct this task safely.

We 100% recommend that you contract (London Cleaning Co.) this work for best safety. As most, if not all gutters are found at height, you will need a sturdy ladder, preferably an extendable one that has been professionally safety checked. Secondly, we highly recommend you have one of two people help stabilize the ladder. You will also need rubber gloves, something to scoop the leaves and debris and a bag to dispose the waste. To protect you from bacteria found in gutters it would not hurt to protect yourself with a face mask as well.

Step 2 - Head up to your gutters and use your scoop to remove all leaves, waste, and debris, discarding it into your waste bag.

Step 3 - Now that the gutters are nice and clear, check for any damages. If unsure you can always call a professional (London Cleaning Co) to assess your gutters.

Step 4 - You will need to wash down your gutters. For a DIY job this would require a hose and access to a water supply for a powerful wash. If you have access to a pressure washer this would yield best results.

Step 5 - Now that you have your high-pressure water supply, thoroughly wash down any gunk or remaining debris from your gutters. This will also be a good sign of whether your gutters are damaged as you will be able to tell if there are any leaks. A low-pressure wash might yield a deceiving result.

Step 6 - The last step is to clean up any debris that may have fallen to the ground and dispose of it appropriately to help look after our environment.

Cleaning your gutters is especially important in the Winter, and if it is something that you may find difficult to do regularly or simply do not have the time and workforce, we are here to help. Give us a call on the number aforementioned or email us a

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