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How London Cleaning Co. can help you maintain your marble floors

When we think marble flooring, we think ‘opulence’, ‘expensive’, ‘luxury’. They are a fantastic and sustainable investment for properties, especially those that wish to impress the people that frequent them. However, there are cleaning techniques and equipment that can damage this porous stone material, so it is important to have a robust maintenance routine in place. Here are some useful tips for maintaining marble flooring, with a little help from London Cleaning Co.

We must remember that marble is a calcareous stone, which means it is mostly composed of calcium carbonate. Material of this kind contain lime and chalk as they can be impregnated by lime from the soil, they grow in. It is an overly sensitive material and vulnerable to staining from oils, wine, and juices but it is also sensitive to acidic agents, found in many floor cleaners. Using cleaners with acidic agents like vinegar will cause dull spots in your flooring, so it is important to avoid this.

You also want to avoid using any scouring sponges or products or scrubbing brushes on marble to avoid scratching the surface.

Be sure to test any cleaning agent you wish to use in a less noticeable area of the flooring. DO NOT use a new product without patch testing as this can destroy the whole floor as opposed to one unnoticeable area.

What you should do is schedule monthly deep cleaning for your floors, that is where London Cleaning Co. comes in. It is imperative that knowledgeable specialists carry out these jobs. The deep cleaning and monitoring of your marble floors will ensure that this expensive investment remains worth it for you and your property. Once a month we will thoroughly clean the marble surface with stone friendly detergent and dry the surface with soft equipment.

If you have previously had the floors cleaned incorrectly, it is not the end of the world, we can restore it to a better condition. Perhaps a previous cleaning service left scratches on the surface through brushing or abrasive cloths, we can use etch removers to improve the look of the surface. We can also bring back the shine to marble flooring that has been treated with harmful detergents and provide shine meter readings monthly so that the improvements can be monitored.

It is never too late to start a good cleaning routine, so reach out to us for a free quote or demonstration for your marble floors, London Cleaning Co. is always ready and willing to help.

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