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How to find a good cleaning company to work with?

It's easy. Choose London Cleaning Co. But it wouldn't be a blog post if we ended it here so, let's get into some practical things to look out for when selecting a cleaning company to work with. Here are 4 ways to find a good cleaning company (Seriously though, choose London Cleaning Co you won't regret it).

1. Assess and decide on the magnitude and frequency of the cleaning you need completed before making enquiries. How often do people frequent the areas that need cleaning? What do they do there? Is the flooring a type that requires regular cleaning or the type it’s recommended you do not clean often? The most important thing to do to find a good and suitable cleaning company is assess your property. A good company would ask you to provide detail on the areas needed to be cleaned so they can then give you accurate quotes, prepare appropriate equipment’s and cleaning detergents and send in the correct number of staff to fulfil the job in a timely fashion. This separates them from the companies that think of securing the money first and blindly going into your premises to work.

2. Test how easy it is to communicate with them. A good cleaning company will understand that their clients are busy running businesses and therefore need communication to be to the point, clear and regular. When enquiring, note how simple or difficult it is to have a member of the team pick up your phone call or return your email. Do they have booking information on their website? How easy is it to use? This is an early indication of how communication with the company will be. You want to register with a service you know will be reliable in case of emergency and you trust to communicate with you without chasing throughout the day. `

3. It isn’t necessary for all cleaning needs but a good way to find a good cleaning company is to ask for demonstrations of some of their equipment. For example, London Cleaning Co offer demos for some of our services so you can see how effective they will be before hiring us. A god cleaning company would be happy to build this rapport with and show and prove their skills.

4. A good cleaning company would also have checklists and KPI’s in place for their staff to ensure that every client is receiving the best quality cleaning. Ask the company you are interested in if they have a copy of the checklist, so you can determine if the tasks are relevant to your premises and inform them of anything you feel may be looked over. A good company would be willing to revise the checklist to suit your properties needs.

So, there you have it, the key things to look out for when you are searching for a good cleaning company. You are already on the right track since you are reading this blog, so give us a call today on 02081232055 or email us on to start your cleaning journey with us!

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