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Prepping For Fall - Maintenance & Cleaning Tips

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Welcome back to our blog! We've had a fantastic summer of cleaning and have really enjoyed taking our readers on our journeys and imparting industry secrets n these blogs. But as the seasons change, so will our top tips. In this week's blog we will be giving our 3 top tips for preparing for fall, or as we call it in London, Autumn. These can be used in property management or the home!

  1. Deep Clean Your Carpets

Since Freedom Day on July 19th, we've been visiting one another, we've been back to the offices and a trekking around to make up for lost time. Have you really looked at those carpets? They probably tell the tale of the summer if like us you've been making the most of the easing of restrictions. Start your preparations for Autumn by refreshing those carpets and rugs. You can always call us for a quote for a deep, professional clean

2. Garden and communal outdoor areas washed down

It's still warm enough for outdoor leisure in gardens and communal outdoor spaces but as we know to well in the UK, that Autumn chill is due to set in very soon. The leaves are already falling and getting crunchy, and the BBQ litter needs clearing. Also, leaves tend to gather in gutters in the colder months. The last thing you need is blocked pipes due to the difficulty of water flowing through blocked gutters. Whilst you’re making the inside of your property cosy for winter, don't neglect your outside space.

3. Touch-point sanitisation

Cold & flu season is upon us and hopefully the pandemic has really taught us how important it is to wash our hands and clean surfaces regularly. However, germs are very plucky creatures, and they always find away to multiply. Go the extra mile this autumn with touch-point cleaning. Touch-Point Cleaning is a process of cleaning all points that people regularly touch with their hands. At London Cleaning Co we use Zoono Microbe Shield, a chemical that protects surfaces for up to 30 days. Our service concentrates on these most touched surfaces to kill pathogens living on them, limiting the rate of infection. These hotspot areas include door handles, light switches, and door push points, to name a few. We suggest you implement this into your monthly cleaning schedule this season. You can find out more info here

Don't fret! This is part one of our Prepping for Fall Series. Yes, sometimes one blog post isn't enough, so we will be back soon with more tips!

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