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The April Round Up!

Happy New Month (a few days late but who is counting)! April was full of big changes for us here at London Cleaning Co. so here is the monthly round up.

Our Big Move

Despite having several new and exciting jobs to fulfil, we took on the task of moving our equipment to a shiny new storage space, a stone’s throw away from our old office. The big move has taken a couple weeks but fortunately we are 90% of the way there and we are pleased to have more space to bring in new professional equipment to take our cleaning quality to the next level. Finding new spaces for storage, training and demos was extremely important to us to ensure we are sharpening the skills of our specialist team and taking good care of the machines and equipment we use.

Core Values

After much thought and deliberation, we decided what we think are the 7 core values of London Cleaning Co. It was important to develop this as our team is growing faster and taking on more work post-lockdown. As a team agreed on the same values, we can ensure every client receives high-quality work and every team member is treated like they matter, because they do. Here are our Core Values:

1. Respect

Cleaners are not always treated the best by the public and often their own colleagues in differing roles. We acknowledge that change must start with ourselves, making sure we respect each other and ensure that everyone is treated equally from the director of the company to the cleaner.

2. Supportive Togetherness

Everyone deserves to be supported and know they can rely on the colleagues they see day to day to help them, whether at work or home. We believe that the person you help today, could be the person you need help from tomorrow.

3. Open & Honest

Accountability to one another is vital in a growing team and we hold integrity as one of the most esteemed characteristics of our team members. So, when there is a problem, we encourage one another to speak up and share the load. Solutions are always better found together.

4. Reliable & Consistent

We are committed to being professional and prompt, every time for every single client. It is another sign of respect.

5. Professional Approach

We are the face of London Cleaning Co. and we wear our uniform proudly. We acknowledge the importance of best representing who we are when we wear our uniform, this includes remaining calm, professional, and approachable.

6. 1 Extra Thing

Naturally, we always go the extra mile for our clients, but we have sewn this into the fabric of our work ethic by doing 1 extra thing, each time we go on a job.

7. Passionate Can-do Attitude

Lastly, we always try to maintain a positive outlook on what we do, because we love it, and we are passionate about delivering a high-quality cleaning service. Everybody CAN do it, and if everybody carries that can do attitude, we work better together as a team.

Stand Out Moment

When asked what the standout job of the month was, Operation Director, Ben Murray said ‘the Mayfair window cleaning job’. Yes, the team got the opportunity to use the long reach poles to clean windows in Mayfair. The smart technology uses purified water and allows windows of high-rise buildings to be washed from the outside without having to work at dangerous heights, so of course the team is always excited when they get to use interesting bits of machinery.

That is all for now from the team at London Cleaning Co. We will be back with the May round-up in 4 weeks!

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