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The June Round Up!

We are back with another monthly round-up and June was not a dull month at all.

Our New Venture

The heatwave brought with it, some newness that we would like to share with our readers. London Cleaning Co has a new sister company, TLCC Waste Removal. We have already been offering this great service to our clients of removing and safely recycling waste, but we have decided to take this part of the business to another level.

Please support us by following the new social media handles:

To book the waste removal service, head over to our brand-new website

Beyond The Mop

Our Podcast has gone live, and we are so grateful to our listeners and the feedback we have received so far. This is a new medium of communication with the industry for us and we are overly excited about where it can go and how it will grow. We will be releasing new episodes on the last Sunday of every month. Our latest episode, Episode 2, is all about professional wellness and we discuss what that means in the cleaning industry, what that realistically could look like and tips for taking care of our own professional wellness.

Be sure to find us on streaming platforms:

Stand Out Moments

The team had a busy month filled with an array of jobs from window cleaning, carpet cleaning, car parks and most of all waste removal jobs. This section of the business seems to have grown its own legs, thus the need to create a new website and socials for our new venture TLCC Waste Removal.

We also welcomed a new staff member, Jeff, who you may see out and about with the team, and we will be sure to get all the fun facts about him soon to share on Instagram.

That is all for now from the team at London Cleaning Co. We will be back with the August round-up in 4 weeks!

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Dec 03, 2021

That's w wonderful thing, one can contact junk removal company through phone application also. I also contact car junk removal company the same way removing the junk from the home.

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