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Top 5 things to implement to keep your staff and customers safe.

The UK is open! Is your business ready for it? We have all been waiting for this moment. The moment where we get some semblance of normalcy back. We can open the hotel doors to customers, seat customers (outside) for lunch and dinner and talk to colleagues in the office canteen again.

We have made it through the long wait, but for a every business owner and property manager, a question lingers… are we doing enough to keep everyone safe? Is antibacterial gel at the door enough to protect us from harmful bacteria and viruses? Do not worry, you are not overthinking it. You value the people that interact with your business and want to go above and beyond to show them that.

The best way to do this in our current climate is regular and professional cleaning. However, a day-to-day housekeeper can only do so much with a disinfectant. We know a thing or two about deep, specialist cleaning and have some suggestions of ways businesses can ensure everyone is kept safe when we open our doors to the public from April 12th. Here are our Top Five Tips:

1. Semi-Permanent antimicrobial surface coating

It is not as complicated as it sounds but it is an effective way to protect surfaces that many different people will frequent for up to 3 months after you open your business. Using Nordic Chem microbial coating, we can protect your surfaces from microbial agents. It works by using quaternary ammonium silicone compounds (commonly known as SiQAC), a coating that protects surfaces from microbial agents for up to 90 days. Nordic Chems' tests on the coating have shown an efficacy against human coronavirus for up to 60 days. Letting your customers know that you practice this would be an incentive for them to return and know you are thinking about safety in the long term and not as a tick list once a day.

2. Do not neglect your windows!

Did you know that coronavirus can live on glass for up to 5 days? How often do you wash glass cups? Now think about how often you wash the glass windows. Implement a regular window cleaning schedule, both inside and out to keep those surfaces safe.

3. Find out what is living on your surfaces!

The enemy is invisible (well, too small to see with the naked eye), they live on our surfaces, but we do not even know what we are fighting. Schedule an ATP test. ATP is an enzyme that is present in all organic matter including blood, saliva, and bacteria. The test is carried out by taking a swab of a surface and inserting it into a handheld unit called a luminometer. This can be done on everything from desks to keyboards to toilets.

4. Get into those ‘hard to reach’ areas.

Cables. Who needs them? Certainly not a perfectionist that wants to reach those areas no cleaner has ventured before. We all have them, at work and in our homes and over time you begin to fear what you might find lurking there after all those years of neglect. That is a thing of the past. Let us help you with your touch-point cleaning services, by using our electrostatic FIMAP E-Sprayers, a professional device that atomizes sanitizing solutions on surfaces. The device's lightweight feel makes getting into those hard-to-reach areas much more convenient because it is powered by a lithium battery that allows you to sanitize for several hours, freely and anywhere, without being tied down by a cable. So do not be afraid of taking apart that keyboard you have eaten biscuits over for two years or that checkout till that has seen thousands of cash notes from hands all over London. We have a solution for that.

5. Use appropriate PPE.

The past year has taught us how important Personal Protective Equipment is to staff and customers. We have a duty to protect each other and ourselves. Make sure your staff have the appropriate equipment to undertake tasks, e.g., non-slip shoes in the kitchen or medical grade face shields and masks Front of House.

These are but a few ways we can better prepare for reopening our doors to the public. Let us work to keep our communities safe. If you would like to contact us for any specialist services like an ATP Test, Nordic Chem Microbial Coating or FIMAP E-Sprays, please contact us at or call 020 8123 2055.

Good Luck!

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