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Why property managers should choose London Cleaning Co.

Every cleaning company has their reason why they are the best cleaning company in the world and you absolutely must choose them. What sets London Cleaning Co apart is our commitment to professionalism and innovation. We combine smart technology, scientific knowledge and experienced cleaning specialists to deliver immaculate results, every time.

Here are just some of the reasons why Property Managers should choose London Cleaning Co;

1. Simple and streamlined booking system

We use field management software to make sure that we are always reliable and efficient. All enquiries are monitored and organised quickly with our intelligent software meaning response times for enquiries are short which is especially helpful for same day emergencies. Using our software, we can also send automatic job reports and generate accurate quotes for the work you need. You will know which cleaners are coming to your property to work so they are easily identifiable upon arrival, when your cleaners are en route, when they are on the job and when they have completed their job.

2. A wealth of experience

We have years of experience liaising with property managers of hotels, housing blocks, offices, restaurants and leisure centres to name a few. We have delivered high quality cleaning experiences of high rise windows, car parks, graffiti removal, floor cleaning, pool cleaning and various property management and maintenance needs. As well as this, we have experience communicating and confirming with property managers via emails and working from work orders, so managers can get on with their many tasks hassle free, whilst we get to work.

3. Tailored Services for Property Managers

We provide a range of services tailored to property managers and can work closely with them to create daily, weekly, monthly and even quarterly cleaning plans to make sure your property is kept up to and above expectations. Our commitment to maintaining a professional approach means will always endeavour to be reliable, prompt and concise in our communication with property managers.

It goes beyond the mop and bucket for us here at London Cleaning Co. Contact us today to speak to one of our specialists about adding London Cleaning Co to your approved contractors list on 02081232055 or email

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