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Block Cleaning – What is it and why you should choose London Cleaning Co to perform it for you

Welcome back to the London Cleaning Co blog. This week we want to highlight one of most popular yet least advertised services, block cleaning. Residential and Office block management teams know very well that each day comes with its new challenges in this industry. Between dealing with tenants, admin, repairs, sales, marketing, safety checks and of course cleaning, a Block Property Managers job is never done. The key to juggling these various departments is ensuring that your contractors are reliable, trustworthy and the process of dealing with them is hassle free.

That is where London Cleaning Co comes in. We have become specialists in communal area block cleaning, helping some of the biggest property management companies in the UK.

We have a vast range of equipment to help us with the daily cleaning such as, battery vacuums - to avoid dangerous trailing cables, high reach poles - to reach the higher inaccessible areas, all the way to equipment to help us with the deep cleaning of a residential estate such as, hot pressure washer bowser, window cleaning equipment, carpet cleaning equipment and hard floor cleaning machines - to help with cleaning all types of hard floors such as marble and vinyl, ride-on combination machines - to clean car parks and other high traffic areas.

The exact cleaning needs of a block will depend on its size, design, and use. For example, is the hall carpeted or tiled? How many residents use the shared spaces? Is there a lot of glass or are there other fixtures that can gather dust and grubby fingerprints? Can people store stuff in the shared spaces, like bikes or buggies? Are there communal bins in the hallways? And so on.

So, let us have a look at some of the services included in block cleaning:

1. Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a process which sprays water under high pressure to remove unwanted elements from buildings, masonry, fences, and concrete surfaces. Hot water is used in commercial cleaning situations for removal of tough oil stains, grease build up etc. while cold water is used for standard pressure washing. We have a fleet of two 750L pressure washer trailer bowsers; one cold water pressure washer and one hot and cold pressure washer. These are powered by petrol and diesel which means we do not need a water source (depending on the area size) or power source onsite. This means we can pressure wash areas which are normally inaccessible like carparks and court yards easily. We always follow health and safety guidelines and have safety barriers and signage to use.

2. Window Cleaning

Most of our window cleaning is carried out by water fed poles. Water fed pole cleaning is a great innovation that has increasing in popularity in the UK. We use telescopic poles, equipped with brushes and water jets. These water feeder poles allow upper windows to be readily accessed from ground level, negating the need to work at height. Special deionised water is piped through to the pole, and the fed water is used to clean the window for a smear and streak free clean without wiping. Ladders are obsolete with these systems, which are designed to safely access hard to reach areas and heights while providing a consistent clean. Three to five storey buildings are handled with ease as these pole systems can allow work up to 60 feet (20m) high from ground level. We also use ladders when necessary but try to use our water fed pole system as much as possible. We can also clean canopies, signage, buildings, and facades using our purified water fed pole system.

3. Carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning is an integral part of keeping your carpet maintained and if you have invested in quality carpets that can last the test of time, you will want to make sure they look their best and are cared for, so that they last for as long as possible. A standard carpet should last between 3-5 years before it becomes frayed, but wool carpets may well last for longer if they are looked after.

Wool rugs can last for decades if they are expertly maintained. Our carpet cleaning procedures are effective against dust mites and allergens, and we are fully manufacturer trained in advanced carpet cleaning and stain removal.

4. Floor cleaning

Fortunately, the cleaning industry has moved on from a mop and bucket (otherwise known as dirt spreaders) and, thanks to innovation, we have various machines and processes to help.

We are floor cleaning specialists and have the team, equipment and know how to clean the following surfaces:

- Marble Flooring

- Granite Flooring

- Safety Flooring

- Tiled Flooring

- Altro Flooring

- Natural Stone

I hope we have made a good argument for why you should choose London Cleaning Co to take on your weekly, monthly, or quarterly block cleaning. If you are not quite convinced, contact us for free demos of our services and quotes on 020 8123 2055.

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