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The May Round-Up!

We are back with another monthly round-up and May was filled with some great moments we would like to highlight!

Our New Podcast

We are extremely excited to present our new monthly podcast, Beyond the Mop Pod, brought to you by London Cleaning Co. After a few months of brainstorming and planning, we have released the first episode of the new podcast. There is so much more to the cleaning industry than the labour itself, and it deserves a platform to shine the light on all the hard work and dedication that goes into keeping our environments safe and clean. We want to use this medium of communicating with cleaning enthusiasts, industry leaders and property managers across all sectors and talk about the latest in cleaning technology news, as well as giving a voice to the people who get their hands dirty day in, day out.

We have named the podcast Beyond the Mop Pod for two major reasons. The first reason is that we want people to understand what we do better through this series. When you think cleaning, you often think of a mop, bucket, and marigold gloves but the industry has progressed far beyond that. Technology has allowed the development of smart machinery, science has brought us new and effective ways to clean and disinfect surfaces and cleaning has developed into a highly skilled profession, but it needs better PR. Secondly, we have a true but funny attitude towards mops. Here at London Cleaning Co., we call them dirt spreaders.

In the first episode, we celebrate National Share A Story Month by speaking to Operations Director, Ben Murray about the story of London Cleaning Co and go into detail about some of his favourite machinery and most memorable jobs he has worked on since the company began. It is a remarkably interesting and light-hearted discussion, so please do have a listen to it today! Our podcast is available on all streaming platforms, please find the link below.

Stand Out Moment

May was filled with many jobs due to the opening of the UK economy, but we had some real stand outs we would like to highlight. We were tasked with cleaning out an old storage room in a residential, underground car park in West London that would be converted to a bike shed for the tenants. This involved the removal and disposal of waste and furniture that had gathered dust for years, removing the many cobwebs that were spun in corners and on the lights, sweeping the dirt and dust inside the room, dusting down the pipers, pressure washing the floor and walls and extracting all the water used. It was a demanding job, but the team worked well together to get it done and we cannot wait to share the before and after footage once the bike shed is complete.

We also pressure washed one of the patios for a tenant and the before and after is shocking, . We also received excellent feedback from the property manager.

In the same day, we were called to another residential building, where a delivery driver had accidently smashed a bottle of wine, which had leaked in the elevator, the hallway of the first floor and in front of a tenant’s apartment. We had to act fast, to ensure the wine did not seep into the carpet. With our carpet cleaner we went to work and extracted the wine from the carpet, removing the stains. Keeping with our core value of doing, 1 extra thing, we cleaned the ground floor carpet as well, where we spotted some of the wine.

That is all for now from the team at London Cleaning Co. We will be back with the July round-up in 4 weeks!

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