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World Health Day 2021! Make changes from the lessons we’ve learnt

This is probably the most significant World Health Day we have observed in decades. Since the global pandemic began, we have truly come to understand that health is a worldwide issue, and we all have a responsibility to keep viruses and diseases under control.

Our livelihoods have been at the mercy of COVID-19 for over a year, businesses have had to close and citizens of whole countries under lockdown restrictions. Today we understand that our individual health is world health. As we each have a responsibility, so do business and property owners, to the staff and customers that frequent their premises and use the facilities.

The loss of life has been tragic, so has the loss of jobs and growing mental health crises’ due to unpredictable lockdown durations. Now that we have vaccines in circulation and a better understanding of the spread of the virus, we are starting to fully reopen our economy, slowly but surely. The future looks a little brighter.

It has been tough, and the uncertainty of whether vaccinations will be enough to return to some semblance of normalcy is difficult for any business owner. What we can do to help is have iron clad cleaning plans in place to ensure our properties are protecting people as much as possible.

Daily and weekly cleaning schedules with innovative powerful cleaning equipment is a must to ensure thorough cleaning is done. In addition to these businesses should look at implementing ways to assess the quality control of the cleaning being carried out. The saying “if it looks clean, it is clean” is no longer acceptable and that is why we at London Cleaning Company incorporate our I-Know kits into our Quality Control & KPI services. With these kits we make the invisible, visible.

Our cleaning specialists use an ATP Reader to measure how much bacteria and protein is living on a surface. ATP, short for Adenosine Triphosphate is an energy molecule found in all living material that is used to indicate how clean or contaminated a surface is, making it a measurable way to assess the effectiveness of your cleaning process. This is a service we suggest all businesses implement. Besides, how can we effectively fight harmful bacteria if we do not know what we are fighting or how much of it occurs in commonly frequented areas.

In addition to ATP readings, we suggest scheduling Touch-Point Cleaning with us. Touch-Point Cleaning is a process of cleaning all points that people regularly touch with their hands. We use Zoono Microbe Shield, a chemical that protects surfaces for up to 30 days. Our service concentrates on these most touched surfaces to kill pathogens living on them, limiting the rate of infection. These hotspot areas include door handles, light switches, and door push points, to name a few. We suggest businesses implement this into their monthly cleaning schedule.

If you would like to know more or book an ATP test or Touch-Point Cleaning, contact us today on 02081232055 or email us at

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