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Your Questions Answered - Property Management FAQ's

We have property managers at the end of our phone lines daily asking some of the same questions frequently, so we thought, we'd dedicate today's blog to answering some of them.

1. "Do we need to provide you with the cleaning materials to fulfil the job?"

Absolutely not! We use our own professional cleaning detergents, materials, and equipment for every job we attend to. Our goal is to make the cleaning service as streamlined and non-invasive to the day-to-day work of a property manager, so least of all on our list is adding the provision of cleaning supplies to your work. You can leave that to us.

2. "Do you only cover London boroughs?"

Despite our name, we cover surrounding London areas such as boroughs in Kent & Surrey!

3. "Can I request a demonstration of your services”

You certainly can. Dependent on our service schedule, we can pencil in some FREE demonstrations of services such as our ATP test which determines the matter and bacteria living on your surfaces. We can also demo our slip tests and our shine tests, to determine how safe your flooring is and how truly shiny the floor is by real metrics.

4. “Do I have to always call up for a quote”

Certainly not! We have a very efficient and easy to use booking system on our website. Just answer a few simple questions and submit information about the work you require, if necessary, and we will instantly get you booked in. If necessary, we can call you for any fine details, but for the most part, we like to keep it simple and as non-invasion to your day-to-day work as possible.

These are just a few of our FAQ’s, and we will be answering some more in the coming weeks!

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